About Us

GabStar Inc. is a diversified Arizona corporation. Our leadership team has established an innovative import/export business with forward thinking clients across North America. Our primary storage facility is strategically located in Long Beach, CA. Our in-stock inventory includes a large quantity of Cooltop™ S1 Pro UV Sterilization Boxes as well as Hoco X14 six foot nylon iPhone Charging Cables. The S1 Pro UV Sterilization Box has been revolutionary for assisting businesses and non-profit organizations to maintain a safer work environment for their constituents.

We offer volume discounts on our product, and our 46+ unit price is extremely price competitive. We offer volume discounts to retail and commercial customers; and we utilize biodegradable compostable retail packages to minimize our impact on the environment. All of of our products retain the original manufacturer packaging. We purchase the Hoco X14 iPhone Charging Cables and the CoolTop™ S1 Pro UV Sterilization boxes directly from our offshore business partners. Our flagship product is uniquely identified via industry standard EAN codes, and we will deliver the CoolTop™ S1 Pro UV Sterilization Box to any location in the United States or Canada.

Our health care services mission is also simple: we leverage over 40 years of healthcare industry experience to think outside the box; so we can introduce new innovative products to our target North American market.